RoadsterSport R3 Delrin Shift Knob for Miata
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RoadsterSport R3 Delrin Shift Knob


PART NUMBER: 61-2476



Price: $59.00



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Price: $59.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


RoadsterSport R3 delrin shift knob

Fits all generations Miata/MX-5 from 1990-2019. Manual transmission only.

Made from Delrin so it does not get hot in the sun like metal shift knobs.
The under-cut of the sphere allows good finger hold on the shifter when flicking between gears without the need for a death grip on the knob.
The smooth transitions in the shape create a pleasing tactile experience for the best connection with the car and effortless shifts.
Steel helicoil thread insert inside the knob so that you don't wear out the threads over time.
Internal thread placement carefully chosen so that once installed the shift knob rests snugly against the top of the shift boot and does not leave an unsightly exposed shaft like many universal shift knobs.
This knob is NOT weighted.
Subtle laser etched Goodwin Racing "G" logo at the base.

When you receive the shift knob it will have a natural matte finish from the machining process. Delrin naturally polishes over time as you handle it, so any minor roughness or dusty look to the finish will smooth out and brighten with use.

BRIAN'S NOTES: Not about bling here, it's for the Racers seeking delrin because hour sessions on track cannot make it hot, and the hot Sun beaming on it all day also won't make it hot.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport R3 Delrin Shift Knob

I am a car collector and dealer. I bought my 30 AE in November 2022 and it had a stainless shift knob that burn your hand in the Florida sun. I needed a knob that didn't get hot and had a great "in hand" feel.

Owned over a hundred stick shift cars in almost 60 years and this is the BEST EVER! Never hot and doesn't rub skin raw. Love this and a great value too!

Perfect fit, looks great and feels right. Replaced a generic aftermarket knob.

Fits threads on shifter perfectly. I am not a racer. Just bot car in June with only 28,000+ miles. May consider performance exhaust system next.

Great to hold with multiple hand positions.
A little plain for GT interior. If it had a stainless ring at the bottom to go over the boot it would be perfect. I understand thats not the point but..........

I felt that when I shift, It was a little grindy. I changed clutch line, motor mounts and even the shift knob and it really helped smoothed things out.

The knob IMO is lighter than the stock knob. I like the way it feels better and it helped a little on the shifting.

It's certainly unweighted, but still has enough heft that it feels solid. In my finely calibrated hands, it feels like it weighs about half as much as the stock knob.

It's also a little taller than the stock 6 speed knob. The added height (plus the shape which subtly suggests to the driver that they should hold the knob a bit higher), to me at least, makes for a smoother and easier shift.

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