Goodwin Racing NC Budget Front Big Brake Kit for MX5
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Goodwin Racing NC Budget Front Big Brake Kit


Fits STOCK Wheels and Enkei RPF1. Good-Win Racing Exclusive.

PART NUMBER: 61-2678


Price: $1,249.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $1,249.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The ultimate bang for the buck in NC Big Brakes!

Wouldn't it be amazing if a new NC Big Brake Kit could fit even stock 16 inch wheels and the most popular 17 inch wheels, including Enkei RP-F1 17x9 that no other big brakes kits will fit? Many of us are driving daily on stiff springs for track and autocross weekends but use the 16 inch size for daily comfort with the stiff suspension, or winter use.

And wouldn't it be amazing if the consumables for the kit were low cost (both pads and rotor rings)?

Shown here in our Enkei RPF1, 45mm offset 5x114, 15.9 pounds, SPECIAL SBC FINISH 17x8

We set out to make this vision a reality, and now here it is! Our NC Budget Front Big Brake Kit. YES, this big brake kit even fits under the factory 16" wheels! Significant upgrade in thermal brake capacity for canyon and track work, big reduction in unsprung weight for better ride and handling, low cost replacement friction rings and pads. The friction rings start at $88 on our site now, that's already less than HALF what 12.88 rings cost. Pads for the 4 piston caliper start at under $50 a set of four with a lot of choices, etc.

Beware we have competitors selling big brake choices that won't fit ANY of our popular 17 inch wheels! Unlike other kits near this size, ours designed to fit inside most of our popular Flow Formed 17 inch wheels, even notoriously hard to fit Enkei RP-F1 17x9, fits inside factory 16 inch wheels. Bottom line is no big brake kit for NC Miatas fits more wheels than this kit.

And it looks SEXY too!

*** The 6 Piston calipers in this kit use the 6712 pad shape. The 4 Piston calipers in this kit use the 7812 pad shape. Type "6712" or "7812" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for those calipers.***

Not all fancy red calipers are the same, our caliper piston sizing was chosen with great care to retain the superb braking balance. To keep maximum bang for the buck with this kit we designed it to balance well with the factory rear brake size, unlike the larger 12.88" big brake kit which does not balance well with factory rear brakes and thus requires that you ALSO spend another $1800 for the rear kit to match.

Big rotors need not add massive weight! Thanks to the carefully designed scalloped aluminum rotor hats used here, these 12.19" rotors come in LIGHTER than the stock rotors per side. Combined with the weight savings from the light aluminum calipers, this adds up to 12+ lbs of un-sprung weight savings!

The Budget BBK uses 12.19" Wilwood rotors for improved braking torque and much more thermal capacity than the factory rotors. Wilwood rotors are also readily available and easy to get when you need replacements. Rotor options include "Ultralight 32 straight vane" economy rotors for the lightest weight option; suitable for street performance use, or "HD 36 curved vane" rotors which feature curved internal vanes and premium grade carbon iron for the highest cooling capacity and longevity possible; the choice for hard track use.

GWR Exclusive
Our kit uses our own brackets designed in-house, CNC machined from the highest grade aluminum with steel thread inserts. These brackets are designed for superior strength and rigidity and feature our signature hard anodizing.

Our stainless steel braided lines are included as standard and they are the most durable and heavy duty lines on the market, custom made for us and featuring DOT fittings. Made to fit (too many competitors use general purpose lines to save cost and include lots of extra connectors to 'make it work' with the unnecessary risk of fluid leaks). Pads
Upgrading your NC with to our Budget Big Brake Kit gives you access to the wide and familiar selection of performance brake pads that we have decades of experience with! Replacement pad costs for these calipers are also very affordable. Kit includes BP20 pads which are great for street/light performance use and match very well with factory pads in the rear. If you would like to swap to a different pad for more aggressive use, just shoot us an email!

Comprehensive FRONT kit includes:
* DynaPro 4 or 6 piston calipers
* Mounting Brackets
* Stainless Steel brake lines
* All mounting hardware
* 12.19" rotors and hats
* BP20 Street Performance Brake pads
* Wilwood high-temp brake fluid

Wheel Fitment Notes

See below list for which wheels have been test fit on this brake kit.

Stock 16 inch: YES
Stock 17 inch: YES
Enkei RPF1 17x7 +45: YES
Enkei RPF1 17x8 +45: YES
Enkei RPF1 17x9 +45: YES
Konig Heliogram 17x8.5 +45: YES
Expected to fit MANY more wheels, MOST wheels, but we have not yet personally test fit more than above.

Track Tested by Our Team with THREE FAST DAYS back to back at Laguna Seca Raceway doing double stints back to back and they worked great.

SHIPPING NOTE: While most of this kit is stocked here, With multiple rotor options for this kit and limited shelf space, the friction rings will drop ship direct from Wilwood according to your order. Please note that Wilwood is not as quick as we are on order processing, please allow at least one week for them to get the friction rings shipped.

The ONLY Big Brake Kit made to fit inside both the factory 16 inch wheels and the popular 17x9 Enkei RP-F1

Got requests for Wilwood's new 'Type III Anodizing" aka Grey/Silver' Caliper finish for the Budget NC Kit. Added today to the site for both 4 piston and 6 piston, just select the silver option.

Customer install of our NC Budget Big Brake Kit with four piston caliper choice and our Konig Freeform 17 inch wheels:

Installed on our own "New" Good-Win Racing Street Build NC Project with Four Piston Red Calipers! Rear factory calipers spray painted with our red caliper paint to match front, our rear light two-piece rotors to match the two-piece front rotors. Feels great, getting a bunch of stoplight compliments already.

Customer install with our Konig Freeform 17x8 Wheels:


Back to back stints with two drivers in the fastest "A" and "B" groups at Sonoma Raceway and this setup with our Porterfield R4 track pads was flawless!



Customer Reviews

Goodwin Racing NC Budget Front Big Brake Kit

These brakes are awesome! Great pedal feel. No overheating. No fade. 1.3 G of braking with 200 TW tires. Less expensive standard size pads!

Previously I was running Porterfield R4 pads in the stock calipers and melted the pads after track days at Laguna Seca and Sonoma. (The previous R4 pads survived quite a few days, so still good pads.) I upgraded to the GWR Budget BBK Fronts with Raybestos ST-43 pads, with AWR Racing "NC Front Brake Cooling Duct Plates" and corvette cooling ducts. No more overheating problems.

I had to recalibrate my braking technique. Now I go way past my previous mark, hit the brakes, hang on the harness, and then turn in.

This is a fantastic kit! It includes everything you need to get it set up. I would suggest going ahead and getting enough brake fluid to replace all the fluid since you'll have to bleed them anyway.

As far as the performance, there's a noticeable improvement in pedal feel and they're powerful as well as smooth. I'm super happy with them so far and they look great on the car! I'm looking forward to running them on track.

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