CSF #2862 Miata 42mm Two Row Radiator for Miata 1990-1997
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CSF #2862 Miata 42mm Two Row Radiator


PART NUMBER: 61-1516


Reg. Price: $373.00

Sale Price: $299.00



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Reg. Price: $373.00

Sale Price: $299.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


CSF gorgeous 2 row cores with B-tube technology, total core thickness is 42mm!

~Military Grade (special clad) aluminum used for tubes, fins, fitments, and side brackets (JIS 3003 spec minumum)
~ "B-Tube" Technology - Most efficient tube in the world
~ High Efficiency Louvered Fin
~ OE radial and deep drawn aluminum endtanks
~ Wind tunnel tested for optimal radiator core cooling performance
~ Stronger joint design for mountings, fan shrouds and condensers
~ OE Specific Mounting
~ "Drop-in" fitment requiring no modifications
~ CNC Machined brackets and fittings
~ Racing Style all-aluminum drain plug

~ Brazed in CAB Furnace
~ ISO 9001/9002 certification
~ Privately owned factories with full "In house" toolrooms
~ "Master Class" TIG welding

~ Individually leak tested
~ Vibration cycle tested
~ Thermal cycle tested
~ Burst pressure cycle tested 10,000 times for strength
~ Salt spray tested for corrosion protection
~ 10 foot box "drop test" to ensure packaging protection

~ 30 minute, hand polished "Sho-Stopper mirror finish"

~ Application specific foam packaging
~ Industry leading, shock resistant 5-ply box

~ Over 45+ years in business
~ Over 500,000 radiators and condensers sold every year
~ Over 35 million radiators sold worldwide
~ Over 10 world's first exclusive applications

"B-Tube" technology - Unlike a regular oval shape "O" type radiator tube, CSF uses a specially engineered tube in a shape of a "B". These "B-tubes" are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam to seal. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminum material (better cooling efficiency) because this design is actually stronger than normal "O" shape tubes that are welded.

The design (inlet in the middle of tube that is seam brazed) increases the heat transfer surface area of the tube by approximately 15% over regular tubes. You get the efficiency of 2 smaller tubes vs. 1 large tube within the same space criteria. With "B-tubes" you are able to get "dual liquid laminar flow."

The tubes are made from aircraft grade special clad aluminum and are intricately formed on our high precision 6-stage tubeforming mill. No other aftermarket radiator manufacturer uses this technology. This technology raises the bar and sets the standard for high performance radiator cores.

Brian's Application Notes: We recently tried an NC application CSF here for a customer 2.5 motor conversion and were so impressed with both fit and finish, including first rate quality on the welds and complete brackets, that we decided we must offer these to all our customers.

Radiator cap INCLUDED

Automatic Transmission: This radiator fits both manual and automatic cars, but it does NOT have a transmission cooler built into it for the auto transmission (factory automatic radiators have a transmission cooler integrated in to the radiator). This means you will need to install your own separate transmission cooler to attach the lines that come from the transmission to.

BRIAN'S INSTALL NOTES: Sometimes we find the A/C was port installed and placement of the condenser is not always consistent, we just bend the condenser brackets as the easiest way to get the clearance. But you can also unbolt the Condenser and slide it down and then put it in front of the brackets. Be sure you make clearance so your new radiator is not damaged by the condenser!


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MIATA NA/NB 1990-2005

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Customer Reviews

CSF #2862 Miata 42mm Two Row Radiator

Great radiator, 42mm is bigger than most rads in same price range. I have this in both my NB and my NA and they work very well! (NB is the track car). Build quality is great. Only thing is that the threaded holes for the OEM fan shroud aren't deep enough
for the original bolts, so, you either need some spacers for the bolts to fit properly or buy new shorter bolts from the hardware store.

This thing is beautiful, I have been cleaning the engine bay since I installed it trying to bring it up the radiator's standard. The install was easy, a direct swap for my 24 year old radiator, all mounts in the right place and my fans were still in good shape so I just transferred them. The new one is little thicker so it required a little pressure from underneath but then slid right into the brackets. The job probably took a few hours, I didn't rush, but was easily accomplished with the car on ramps.
Performance is good but I was not having any problems with my old radiator so it is difficult to rate the performance, I don't race the car. The additional cooling area on the new radiator will obviously provide superior cooling.
On a side note and to me worth some points, is that this is manufactured in Indonesia so at least it is one of the few things not made in China.

Bought this to replace my brownish/green 30 year old OEM radiator. I was a bit concerned about the fitment of the OEM AC fan on this radiator given the thickness and my FM turbo feed pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body. The radiator and fan fit beautifully with no modification required to the fan housing or feed pipe. This is a really fine looking unit and I was a bit embarrassed to put it into my filthy engine bay (I am a function over form type of guy). It did motivate me to do a bit of cleaning in there.

From a performance standpoint, it seems to be a much more effective radiator than the OEM unit. I would often venture above the 12-o'clock position a bit further than I would like on the OEM unit during spirited highway driving, causing me to suffer the indignity and discomfort of turning the heat on to get temps down. Several similar trips with this new radiator have shown a rock solid cooling capacity. So far, I am impressed by the performance and quality of the unit.

First of let me say the radiator is stunning with strong welds. It is packaged nicely and well protected for shipping and the fins arrived in perfect condition. The cap also looks great with the logo and on top of the radiator it self there is another stamped CSF logo. The install was very easy and did it in less than two hours. I reused the stock fan but I had to buy additional 6mm and 10mm bolts to fit the stock fan to the radiator. I also cut a little off the bottom right corner of plastic fan shroud to not bend some fins. Another reviewer has posted how many bolts he bought with exact length. His review helped me so check out his review too. In my opinion its another quality part offered by Goodwin for my Roadster. You should feel comfortable with this purchase. I did have to cut a little off my aluminum after market air intake cross over tube because the radiator is much thicker than stock but for me it was well worth it.

I unpacked this radiator from it's box and couldn't believe I was going to put this under my hood, out of sight. I thought, when I die I want to come back as a CSF radiator.

This thing is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And when I say that, I also mean it's so well designed and made, not just eye candy.

It dropped right in place of the original radiator with the minor modification of using the original end mounts with this new part rather than those that arrived with it. No big deal at all, it took less time and effort that jacking up the car.

Living in Southern California and going up and over small mountains in the heat of the summer or sitting in crawling traffic can play havoc on the engine temperature. I now have an icebox under my hood.

I suggest replacing the major hoses when you replace the radiator, if you have the time. I quickly found out that with the radiator holding it's pressure, the old hoses hit their limit and then split and leak. Just something to watch out for.

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