Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit for Miata
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Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit


Firmer pedal - a MUST HAVE for big brake kits

PART NUMBER: 61-1699


Price: $249.00



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Price: $249.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Upgrade your factory brake master cylinder to this 1" Wilwood master cylinder with dual reservoirs. This is a complete kit and includes everything you need for installation. The 1" master cylinder pairs perfectly with any big brake kits using the Wilwood calipers.

** NEW for 2020: Gone are the two hard lines that had to be hand formed to join between the master cylinder and the factory hard lines. Now included are a pair of braided stainless steel flexible lines to do the same job with none of the difficult hand bending that was required with the old lines. The new lines also eliminate the need for the old straight union fitting; now the braided line connects directly to the factory hard line with no adapter needed.


Most brake calipers used in big brake kits have smaller piston sizes compared to stock calipers. Although braking performance increases overall, the result of the slight change in piston size gives a "softer" pedal feel and more travel with the factory master cylinder. Depending on the year, your Miata came with either a 7/8" or 15/16" master cylinder. The 1" master cylinder regains the firm and responsive brake pedal the Miata has with the factory calipers.

Kit includes:
* Wilwood 1" piston master cylinder with twin reservoirs
* Master to booster adapter bracket
* Tee fitting for front lines
* NEW flexible braided SS adapter lines
* Nylon barb fittings and clear hose for bench bleeding

Note: Fits all years with or without ABS. Does NOT fit on the brake booster in 2004-2005 Mazdaspeed. To fit this in a Mazdaspeed Miata you will need to change to a brake booster from a Sport package 2001-2005 Miata.

Sean's Notes:

Wow! On the road, upgrading to the 1" master cylinder was an immediate difference with a much firmer brake pedal and reduced pedal travel. However, on track is where this upgrade truly shines and the 1" master cylinder greatly improves feel and feedback from the brakes. I found the extra feedback gave me the confidence to consistently push deeper and deeper into braking zones. If you have a big brake kit this kit should be your next purchase, you won't regret it.

NOTE: This is a universal master cylinder by Wilwood, with adapter bracket and fittings to make it work in a Miata. It should not be expected that install of this is as drop-in as a Mazda replacement part. May not be compatible with some shock tower braces and some items in the surrounding area may need to be relocated or adjusted. Cruise Control module needs to be shifted out of the way on some years that have it.

A) The master cylinder comes from Wilwood with a drum brake residual spring in the rear port. Be sure to remove that spring before installation.
B) Installation of these lines involves removing the factory proportioning valve/block. The included braided rear line goes directly to the hard line for the rear brakes, and the included braided front line joins to the two front hard lines via the included Tee fitting. You must adjust the bend in the hard lines somewhat to achieve this. A hand-held line bending tool can be helpful for this.
C) The latest update to this kit to now have soft braided adapter lines rather than formable hard lines is a great change, but it does cause a complication if you are intending to pair a Wilwood brake bias proportioning valve with this master cylinder kit. The proportioning valve is designed to intercept between two hard lines; the factory rear hard line on the firewall on one end, and a hard line going to the master cylinder on the other end. But now with the new adapter line the end on that line has changed to a female fitting so it can connect directly to the hard line, removing the need for a female-female union fittings that was previously required. That soft line cannot connect directly to the proportioning valve because the line has a female end and the valve has a female end. So to make the proportioning valve work with the latest version of this master cylinder kit, you must add a short hard line with metric fittings on each end (available at most auto parts stores) between the proportioning valve and the flexible adapter line coming off the master cylinder. NOTE: you can use this same trick to retain the factory brake proportioning valve in-line with the rear lines if you wish.


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Please be sure to order for the correct year of your Miata!




Customer Reviews

Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit

First of all I wanna say what a great kit everything is included to install and the parts look high quality! Now the install is the tricky part since there is no real instruction just a general how to and after trial and error have figured out you will need a 1999-2000 non abs booster to make this fit I tried with a NB2 booster and the pushrod is waaaay too small and will not make contact with the cylinder and before you bench bleed you will also need to take out the rear port drum brake spring don't forget!!

Hopefully this may help anyone who is interested in buying this because it is a solid upgrade!

This is a great kit. I received one of the older versions at first, which had the 2 little hard lines and a union and "T" fitting.. The oem line nuts wouldn't catch but one thread in the "T" fitting. I called Ryan and told him the issue and he sent me the new style braided flexible lines which are a perfect fit. (they should upgrade the picture) Each line has a 90* fitting that goes into the master cyl. on one end and the one line has a female end so you don't need a separate union anymore. They make hooking up to the oem lines a breeze. Other then bench bleeding the master cyl. and the brakes afterwards this would take about a half hour to remove the oem master cyl. and install the wilwood master cyl. The peddle used to go almost all the way down to the floor, now it goes a little less then halfway. Ryan said it would need a little harder foot pressure, but it doesn't feel as such. WISH I had done this years ago. GREAT KIT!

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