Goodwin Racing Premium 12.88 Front Big Brake Kit for MX5-ND 2016-2023
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Goodwin Racing Premium 12.88" Front Big Brake Kit


Premium Track Rated and Tested Big Brakes

PART NUMBER: 61-1725



Price: $1,599.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $1,599.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


MAXIMUM brake performance - better braking response, more thermal capacity, unsurpassed longevity, lower weight, cheaper replacement costs, better looks and MORE FUN.

RIGID and ultra light 4-piston caliper for improved braking response over the standard single piston OEM brake calipers, reduced unsprung mass, wider pad selection, better looks and MORE FUN.

BIG 12.88" rotors with lightweight aluminum hats that fill the 17" wheel beautifully. Despite almost 2" larger than factory rotors these come at lower weight!

*** The 6 Piston calipers in this kit use the 6712 pad shape. The 4 Piston calipers in this kit use the 7812 pad shape. Type "6712" or "7812" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for those calipers.***

Not all fancy red calipers are the same, our caliper piston sizing was chosen with great care to retain the superb braking balance.

Big rotors need not add massive weight! Thanks to the carefully designed scalloped aluminum rotor hats used here, these 12.88" rotors come in a half pound LIGHTER than the stock rotors per side. Combined with the weight savings from the light aluminum calipers, this adds up to this kit shedding a total of 9.3 lbs for the 4 piston kit or 6.3 lbs for the 6 piston kit.

Our BBK uses large, slotted 12.88" rotors for improved braking torque and TONS of thermal capacity. These rotors feature curved internal vanes and premium grade carbon iron for the highest cooling capacity and longevity possible. The lightweight aluminum hats have 12 mounting points for very even force distribution. The icing on this cake is that this rotor and hat assembly weighs in lighter than the factory 11" rotors!

GWR Exclusive
Our kit uses our own brackets designed in-house, CNC machined from the highest grade aluminum with steel thread inserts. These brackets are designed for superior strength and rigidity and feature our signature hard anodizing.

Our stainless steel braided lines are included as standard and they are the most durable and heavy duty lines on the market, custom made for us and featuring DOT fittings. Made to fit (too many competitors use general purpose lines to save cost and include lots of extra connectors to 'make it work' with the unnecessary risk of fluid leaks).

Upgrading your ND with to our Big Brake Kit gives you access to the wide and familiar selection of performance brake pads that we have decades of experience with! Replacement pad costs for these calipers are also far more affordable than for the factory calipers. Kit includes BP20 pads which are great for street/light performance use and match very well with factory pads in the rear. If you would like to swap to a different pad for more aggressive use, just shoot us an email!

Comprehensive kit includes:
* DynaPro 4 or 6 piston calipers
* BBK Mounting Brackets
* Stainless Steel brake lines
* All mounting hardware
*12.88" Slotted rotors and hats
* BP20 Street Performance Brake pads
* Wilwood high-temp brake fluid

Wheel Fitment Notes

See below list for which wheels have been test fit on this brake kit.

949Racing 6UL 17x8: OK
949Racing 6UL 17x9: OK
Enkei RPF1 16x8 +38: NO
Enkei RPF1 17x7 +43: OK
Enkei PF01 17x7 +45: OK
Enkei GTC02 17x8 +43: OK
Advanti Storm 16x7.5: NO
Advanti Storm 16x9 : 4 Piston OK, 6 Piston NO
Advanti Storm 17x7: OK
Advanti Storm 17x8: OK
Advanti Storm 17x9: OK
Konig Runlite 17x7.5: OK
Konig Dekagram 17x8: OK
Konig Dekagram 17x9: OK
Konig Ampliform 17x8: OK
Konig Ampliform 17x9: OK
Konig Hypergram 17x8: 4 Piston OK, 6 Piston needs 3mm spacer
Konig Hypergram 17x9: OK
Factory base 17x7 +45: OK with 3mm spacer available separately on the site: Part number 61-1786
Factory BBS 17x7 +45: OK
If you do not see your wheel listed above, you can email us for a template to check on your wheel.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Had a three day event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and fried the stock size rotors on the first day (had our caliper upgrade and our two-piece rotors in stock size for first day). Fortunately we had this setup on display, changed to this 12.88 setup and ran it hard for the rest of the weekend and loved the upgrade over stock size setup. This is the setup for ultimate confidence lap after lap after lap, allowing me to pass deep in the brake zones knowing I could stomp the brakes late in turn 2 and still neatly exit the turn. Braking confidence deep in the brake zones is a luxury, and an unfair advantage, and worth the cost!

Dust Boots

We occasionally get a call from someone asking if these calipers have dust boot seals because the factory calipers have them and so they assume this is a feature they need to be concerned about. Wilwood brake calipers, just like all racing brake calipers, do not use dust boots to seal the caliper pistons. This is intentional and done for several reasons, including the point that rubber dust boots can catch fire under extreme brake heat. The pistons fit tightly into the caliper so they seal without the need for rubber seals. In our decades of experience with thousands of Wilwood calipers this design has proven itself completely reliable. These calipers are suitable for road use in all climates and conditions as well as on the race track.


YES, we know Wilwood has their own 12.88" kit for the ND. That kit is similar to some of our early prototypes we tested while developing our own kit. But, to save money Wilwood recycled parts from a front drive kit and we quickly discovered problems with some of the platform sharing parts used, including that track high temps resulted in the center aluminum hat having enough thermal expansion to contact the brake pad packing plates after about 50% wear of the pads. Result included lots of extra noise and slow destruction of the aluminum hat finish and connection tabs to the rotor, etc. What's the point of a big brake kit that cannot get seriously hot and still work? Thus, we do NOT sell that Wilwood 12.88 branded kit and we do not recommend it, though we do offer their 12.19 inch kit because it doesn't have the issues of their 12.88 kit. That makes the Goodwin Racing 12.88" kit the only track tested and rated kit of this size, including upgraded more stout brackets used in the lesser kits, more stout hats and hardware, lines that fit without extra connections that can leak, etc. Bottom line is the highest quality and highest performance 12.88 kit on the market for the ND, track tested by our entire team and Grassroots MotorSports Magazine and proven....even with trap speeds obtained with turbo and supercharger on this chassis. I should add that 4 piston and 6 piston will stop equally well, but I much prefer the FEEL of the 6 piston which gives the driver much higher confidence in what the pad is doing stop after stop at the track.


I'll point out another key difference that hasn't been touched on above: the attachment of the rotor to the hat. Wilwood's rotor-to-hat attachment has the bolts installed from the back and they thread in to the soft aluminum hat. If that sounds like a bad idea to you, you're right. Because it's a bad idea, they require that you use lock-tite on the bolts to ensure they don't back out of the aluminum threads. What you won't find out until down the road is that when it comes time to change your rotors things can get ugly. Sometimes things disassemble OK.. sometimes they don't. We have had several instances where the combination of loctite and heat seized the bolts in the aluminum hats, and at that point there is no choice but to get out the cutting tools and grind away on the bolts and hat to separate the rotor from the hat. The hats are trash and not re-usable at that point.

Our hats are designed to use a through-bolt connection. The bolts go in through the front of the hat and a serrated locking nut goes on the back. Follow the simple torque procedure noted in the installation instructions and you're set. No loc-tite needed. When it comes time to change out your rotor rings, nothing is seized and it's an easy job that can be done at home or even track-side.

Track Tested by Entire Good-Win Racing Crew at Legendary Laguna Seca Raceway!


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Wilwood Brake Fluid
Wilwood Brake Fluid

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Customer Reviews

Goodwin Racing Premium 12.88" Front Big Brake Kit

For context I am a curvy back road enthusiast so my car has not seen any track time. I got the 12.88 inch kit with the 4 piston red calipers to contrast the meteor grey paint. This is my first aftermarket caliper kit on any car I have owned and it feels great. It was a bit more $$ than I originally intended to spend but I am very happy this was the choice I made. Pedal feel is firm and linear compared to the mushy factory brakes and the big rotor fills the wheel so well. I did the install myself and it was pretty straight forward. When I did have some questions the folks at GWR were very helpful. Makes me wish I could afford all the other parts they carry that I want.


Huge upgrade over OEM, install was straightforward. I was able to do it with zero prior experience. Great aesthetic improvement, too. Only challenge was single handedly bleeding the brakes.

This Wilwood BBK is awesome! With this, my braking ability is on par with my friend's Porsche 911 GTS, which is insane. Also, I have to give a big thanks for the Wilwood brake pads that came with this kit. They stop very well on the race track, I never got brake fade or high brake temperatures after thrashing it all day, and they are quiet and street friendly. Later, I'll get some porterfield track pads but for now these pads are truly doing the impossible.

This kit is not at all "overkill" on the street, but will make track days so much more worry-free and gratifying. I have four track days on this kit so far. These rotors have withstood an hour-long session without breaking a sweat, as well as an eight session track day without any noticeable heat problems. The six piston calipers have unbelievable feedback during threshold braking on track, and feel much firmer and more positive than the OEM calipers I have had in the past (both the Brembos and non-Brembos). I have zero doubts in my using this kit on any track. I find myself late-braking to a degree that is pretty surprising. Picking up time in the braking zones and out-braking most other cars in my run groups. The stainless steel lines are sturdy and handsome. The whole kit fills the wheel with a style that no other aftermarket setup offers, in my opinion. The BP-20 pads that come with the kit are perfect for canyon drives and street applications, and even hold up to very light use on the track. However, I quickly swapped to Porterfield R4 pads, at the suggestion of the Goodwin team. Pad swaps are much simpler than I would have expected from a six-piston caliper. This made the setup even better, but with minor noise coming to a stop on public roads under light use. Terrific kit. Highly recommended, particularly for track use.

Installed the 12.88" Front Big Brake Kit and so far love it. Huge difference in the way the car stops and peddle feel. I have the stock wheels and tires and the brake kit fills in the space giving a better look. I used to live in the front range area in Colorado so planning to visit this summer and do a lot of mountain driving including some in Utah. I'll give an update after summer on how the brakes performed. I think it was a good investment if planning any kind of performance driving.

I bought the big brake kit for my 2016 Mazda MX-5 ND from Good-win-racing and I spend the last month (taking my time during this pandemic!) mounting it. First of, I'd like to say that all the Good-win-racing team have been extremely helpful. I sent them dozens of emails asking all sorts of questions (I'm a newbie at changing a car's brakes so I wanted to make sure I got everything right) and they were always prompt to reply and very helpful. I very much appreciated this as it reassured me I had the support I needed to get this done.

As for the upgrade itself, the difference is very evident. The brake pedal is very progressive in it's action and easily locks up the wheels when pressed fully. Overall I love the feel and the reassurance this kit gives. In the bit of spirited driving I've been able to do, there has also been no hint of brake fade. I'm now waiting for the next track event in order to be able to test this brake kit further but I'm confident it will deliver!

p.s. I'm running Porterfield R4-1 pads instead of the Wilwood ones as I wanted something a little more aggressive but that was still streetable and Good-win-racing recommended these pads.

Well if your 6 piston Big Brake Kit isn't the best braking upgrade out there, I am not sure what is! I have gotten so many compliments on the looks of our MX-5 since I put your BBK on our 2016 ND. Very easy to install and NO adapters like I have dealt with on my other car brake upgrades. Super easy to install and they work fantastic. Pedal feel is phenomenal too! Even when I was "setting the pads in" I had a smile on my face. This car is also my wife's daily drive and one of the complaints she always had, was when she backs out of a drive way or parking spot the
original brakes would squeal so bad it was embarrassing. Well no more reverse squealing!! BONUS points on that with the wife.

Thanks, Good-Win-Racing on another quality product!

Scott Moore

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