RoadsterSport Miata Rear Shock Tower Brace  for Fiat-124
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RoadsterSport Miata Rear Shock Tower Brace


PART NUMBER: 61-1840



Price: $199.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $199.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Engineered to work with and match our Multi-Point Front Shock Brace, this Rear Brace is strong and beautiful. Using strong oval honeycomb section aluminum tubing this bar ties the tops of the rear shock towers together for better chassis rigidity.

Installation Instructions: uses factory hardware already in the car. Rear shock tower brace has same torque specs as front but requires some minor trim of trunk liner as shown here. Shock tower nuts to 37-43ft-lbs, nuts in the middle span of brace to 12-19 ft-lbs.

Also fits the Fiat 124!


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Progress Technologies 63.1134 ND MX5 Miata FRONT and REAR AntiSway Bar Combo
Progress Technologies 63.1134 ND MX5 Miata FRONT and REAR AntiSway Bar Combo

FIAT 124 2017-2020

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Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport Miata Rear Shock Tower Brace

The quality on this brace is apparent the moment you open the box. My trunk was already stripped of interior panels, but taking that into account it was no longer than 20 minutes for install. It stiffens up the rear of the chassis quite well, making the car more predictable as you start to lean on it harder. It also ties into the trunk floor for that extra bit of rigidity, and the two piece design works nicely to tuck it under the fuel filler pipe.

Received my RoadsterSport rear strut tower brace yesterday and installed it today. I'm impressed with how well-made it is. Surprised that Goodwin doesn't have a good pic of the brace showing that it is solid welded on the passenger side and requires only one bolt on the driver's side to attach the bar to the shock tower brace. (this would be so much easier to explain with a picture). Anyway, this bar, welded on one end and with it's added attachment to the trunk floor seems much better engineered and therefore stiffer than the options that run the bar higher for clearance over the fuel tank filler pipe.

Note to autocrossers running Street Touring and Street Prepared: this is an added 3-point strut bar and might not be allowed at tech inspection, bumping you all the way to Prepared class which seems unconscionable. I don't care with my car, as its being built to be a grand-tourer and canyon carver.

Installation was a breeze, even for this 76 y.o. grandmother. I trimmed the fuel filler shield with a skill saw and a 17 ppi fine tooth blade. Hardest part of the install was trimming the trunk trim pieces to fit around the brace.

This is a good time to install sound deadening material to the trunk sheet metal AND the fuel filler guard if you haven't already done so.

FYI You will find one of the five sheet metal brace's attaching bolts would need to be installed under the brace. I cut that bolt down enough to just fit under the brace and found it was then too short to engage the threads. I later found that it would have interfered anyway with slipping the trunk trim under the brace. So don't worry about that fifth bolt.

To be honest, this bar was a second choice to an out-of-stock first choice, I got this and the Cobalt front brace at the same time. In hindsight, though, I like how this ties to the floorboard and I'm very happy with the performance. This car is not a daily, mostly SCCA Time Trial and TNiA events and the occasional back-road sortie. It is not at all intrusive on the trunk's usability, and after trimming hard plastic for the roll bar trimming the trunk's fabric liner was a breeze. I've got a long list of items purchased from Good-Win, and in every case I have been extremely happy with the results. This off-season the list will get even longer.. I don't see me shopping anywhere else.

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