PCI Adjustable Seat Mounts - Driver for Miata
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PCI Adjustable Seat Mounts - Driver


Driver's Side

PART NUMBER: 61-1914


Price: $235.00



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Price: $235.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.



Wondering how to mount that new race seat? Pro Car Innovations Adjustable Seat Mounts takes the guessing game out of this install. Finding the correct seat brackets can be almost impossible where most end up with a self-fabricated mount. PCI has invested the research in order to create an ingeniously crafted safe design that is easily adjustable to accommodate multiple applications. The PCI Racing Spec Seat Mount has the largest range of adjustment and lowest possible seat fitment of any seat mount we have come across.


Precision CNC laser cut and bent from 1/8" 3mm carbon steel
One piece no weld design
Multi way adjustability
5 and 6 point sub belt mounting locations
Single tool adjustments with bottom locking hardware
Zinc plated hardware
Powder coated base and side mounts
Stainless steel laser etched bolt on logo plates
Delrin side mount spacers included in kit


The bottom bracket is a CNC bent one piece design that allows for use of lighter 1/8 steel vs. heavy 3/16
Uniquely designed for the Miata for the best possible fitment
Mounts to factory bolt locations with precise factory fitment
Includes holes for 5 and 6 point sub belt mounting
Hassle free easy installation


3mm carbon steel
CNC laser cut, CNC bent
Black wrinkle/silver powder coat
Zinc plated grade 8 hardware
+/- 10 degrees seat tilting

Why 1/8 steel vs. 3/16 steel?

It is simple! PCI mounts are cut and formed completely from one piece. With this design the mounts can achieve the same strength if not more by having bends and altering the shape to areas where increased strength and stiffness is required. So don t be fooled by bigger and heavier is better. 3/16 is more widely used for the simplicity of design, manufacturing and the ease of welding.

Sean's Application Notes:
I always dreamed about an off the shelf seat mount for the Miata, but after so many disappointing products I had nearly given up. The PCI seat mount makes mounting your race seat a breeze and a legitimate bolt in process.. PCI has also made it very easy for those installing 5 and 6 point harnesses with integrated sub strap mounting points. Seat brackets include locking hardware for adjustment but does not include seat mounting hardware, these bolts are included with the seat.



Customer Reviews

PCI Adjustable Seat Mounts - Driver

I'm pretty stoked on this mount.

For anyone out there who might be doing the same research I did, I'm 5'10"-5'11" and I used this to mount a Thrash Racing Street Spec Alpha (in zebra, if it makes a difference). I had started out trying to use a set of SkidNation rails (which are well manufactured and I can't knock them at all), but because they're two separate side mount brackets and the mounting holes in my seat were a little... goofy, I couldn't get the rails to mount flush to the floor and still bolt to the seat.

With the PCI mount, the combination of the fixed base and the adjustable side brackets ended up being much more forgiving. While it took some patience and fine-tuning, I was able to get the seat mounted securely at a good height and within a comfortable reach of everything important (minus the clutch pedal, but I fixed that with Good-win's pedal extension). Would I want to go through the install process again? Not really! But, I think this definitely has more to do with the quirks of the seat than the PCI mount. I'd even argue that the fact I got the seat mounted at all is a testament to how well-engineered, well-constructed and generally well-thought-out this mount is.

As far as massaging the transmission tunnel, I didn't have a bad time with it using a small 2.5lb sledgehammer and the instructions do a good job of indicating the raised section that needs to be knocked down. Once the extra clearance was there, the base easily mounted flush with the floor.

Its a really quality product, but I don't think I would call this bolt in. You have to really bash in your trans tunnel to get it to fit. the instructions aren't very accurate with this either, saying "gently tap the front right with a small hammer", should probably state, "repeatable strike the front right with a 5 lb sledge" because that was the only thing I found to make any progress. Other than that, great product.

This is the second PCI mount that i have used on my miatas and it is a quality bracket. It works as it should and allows for a good bit of adjustability with mounting the seat.

Every review for this is on par.
Great bracket, easy setup, finish is nice.
I have never seen anyone under 5'10 BUY THIS CAR!! WHY?!?!?!
I'm 5'4 I have sparco EVO QRT seat. To put it simple, I cant reach the pedals. I had to add a pillow to the back just to drive it around. I really wanted this to work. Like the 5'10 guy said in the reviews.


This bracket is "OK".

The reason most of you will be buying this bracket (like me) is that you want to sit as low as possible. Unfortunately it is NOT possible to use the lowest slots/holes in this bracket if using a Sparco Sprint seat. This may only be an issue for this seat but I want anyone else who buys this to know that! In addition, the hammering required on the trans tunnel to center the seat on the steering wheel is NOT insignificant. Expect to spend some time doing this while trying to protect your carpet (if you don't pull it out).

I had to grind off the upper slot of the brackets to recess the bracket into the seat more, to allow me to use the "second to lowest" settings. In addition, I am 5'10" and I can BARELY reach the clutch comfortably when fully depressed due to how far back I am.

- This bracket is not for short drivers
- Sparco Sprint doesn't get low enough
- When in the lower settings, the rear of the bracket extrudes into the seat hip holes for the belts, which means the belts would run over this and start to wear on it. Unfortunately I also had to grind a large portion of this down so that it would not interfere.

Other than that, I'd say it does what a bracket is supposed to. $200 is pricey though for having to modify it to work anyway! This will NOT be a plug and play bracket if you have a Sparco Sprint.

Bolted in very easily, clear instructions, Sparco Sprint lined up perfectly, and sub straps can be mounted to the bracket. No complaints, it does everything I need it to and does a very good job of it.

Five stars for product quality
Fewer for disagreement between current design and installation instructions.

Flush install of the baseplate requires more space than the transmission tunnel allows. For those unfamiliar with bodywork, instructions suggesting that you should tap with a hammer are a bit misleading. If keeping the carpet, about 6" near the front mounting point needs to move, up to about an inch. It takes effort to achieve that much deflection, and you should take your time to avoid splitting the metal, or going further than necessary. Progress accelerates once you turn the convex surface to concave.

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