Goodwin Racing BIG BRAKE Conversion for BREMBO for MX5-ND
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Goodwin Racing BIG BRAKE Conversion for BREMBO


BIG Rotors for BREMBO Owners!

PART NUMBER: 61-2152



Price: $799.00



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Price: $799.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Upgrade your Brembo brakes with a BIG 12.75" rotor! Now owners with Brembo brakes can have all the benefits of our Goodwin Racing big brake kits without having to discard the great Brembo calipers. It's a match made in heaven! These big rotors look great filling out the 17" wheels and offer big benefits in performance too.

This kit replaces your factory front 11" brake rotors with BIG 12.75" 2-piece rotors using brackets to relocate your factory front brake caliper out over the larger rotors.

Thanks to the 2-piece design, these rotors are even lighter than stock! 12.60 lbs each compared to the stock rotor 13.15 lbs.

- CNC aluminum hard anodized caliper brackets
- Lightweight aluminum rotor hats
- 12.75" curved-vane and heat treated friction rings
- All hardware included

The secret of a big rotor:
Larger rotors are often mis-understood. Sure they look great, but their big strength is in how much HEAT they can handle and shed. With a small factory rotor, the only way for the brakes to stand up to the heat of extended hard use is to use a race pad that can survive well over 1,000 degrees. That is just fine for a race car, but racing brake pads are terrible for road use (LOTS of dust, noise, and often NO bite when cold). Ever wonder how Porsches and similar cars can drive around the street daily on the same brakes that they can go to the track and turn laps all day with? Those cars use a street performance pad, and the secret to those pads not overheating under hard use is in the BIG rotors on those cars. If you want a car that can "do it all", get to/from work every day and lap the race track on the weekend, big brakes are the key.

Our favorite street performance pad, the Porterfield R4S, pairs great with these rotors for a do-it-all street/track fun car using street tires. For extreme performance 200tw summer tires we recommend a pad with more bite like the Porterfield R4-1. For serious racing duty, we still recommend a track-focused pad.


YES, this kit fits with factory BBS wheels. However, wheel weights must be relocated from their factory position just behind the spokes of the wheel in the barrel to a position further towards the inside edge of the wheel where they won't conflict with the larger brakes. You can easily remove the wheel weights with a flat head screwdriver at the time of installing the big rotor kit, and then drive the car down to a tire shop to have the wheels/tires re-balanced. In many cases, you can hardly tell that the wheel weights are missing, but it is still recommended to get them re-balanced (unless this is a track car in which case we often do not have race tires balanced). Be sure to specify to the tire shop that you want the weights placed further towards the inside of the wheel.

Wheel Fitment Notes

See below list for which wheels have been test fit on this brake kit.
Konig Hypergram 17x8 +45: Needs +10mm spacer (extended studs required for 10mm spacer)
Konig Ampliform 17x8 +45: Needs +5mm spacer
Konig Freeform 17x8 +45: Needs +5mm spacer
Konig Dekagram 17x8 +45: Needs +6mm spacer (i.e. two 3mm spacers stacked together)
949Racing 6UL 17x8 (discontinued): OK
Konig Hypergram 17x9 +45: OK
Advanti Storm S1 17x9 +45: OK
Konig Hexaform 17x8 +45: Needs +5mm spacer
Konig Hexaform 17x9 +45: OK
Konig Countergram 17x8 +45: Needs +5mm spacer

Customer Phillip Stephens with our Brembo Big Rotor Conversion on Fiat 124 reports this kit fits behind the stock wheels with no spacers required.



Customer Reviews

Goodwin Racing BIG BRAKE Conversion for BREMBO

For Brembo OEM brakes:
Kit well made, instructions are easy to understand, minimum tools required to do it yourself. The result speaks for itself, the brakes fill the 17 inch wheels nicely, increasing the braking surface for better response. Heat dissipation should be a bit better during prolonged use. Plus, since you are still using the OEM Brembo calipers, the antilock & TCU system doesn't complain and bringing your car for service at the local dealership will not raise a flag.

Now I am waiting for an identical kit to be designed, tested and available to buy for the OEM REAR brakes. After all, if I can increase the front, increasing the rear proportionally should make the car even better!

With these rotors, I was able to do hard sessions at Laguna Seca which is a well known track that is hard on brakes. I managed a 1:52 lap time on stock brake pads and stock Bridgestone tires and I have these rotors to thank.

Excellent update for Brembo system! the difference is incredible, thanks to the large contact surface you can appreciate effective braking both at low and high speed, I was a little disappointed with the original Brembo system, this update finally makes braking of my Abarth124 effective, it is necessary!

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