RoadsterSport MAX TORQUE Standard Length MX5 Miata Stainless Header for MX5-ND
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RoadsterSport MAX TORQUE Standard Length MX5 Miata Stainless Header


PART NUMBER: 61-1824


Reg. Price: $723.35

Sale Price: $599.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $723.35

Sale Price: $599.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Quality header construction starts with mandrel bent 304 stainless construction, making this the ONLY MX5 Miata header choice proudly made in the USA with LIFETIME warranty! Beware the choices that are just straight pipe and sharp 90 degree bends welded up in Taiwan and China, they won't last and they won't give max performance in return for the trouble of installing them.

Saves over 4 lbs compared to the factory header.
Stock header weight: 13.15 lbs
Max Torque header weight: 9.05 lbs!

HEAR it now from the tailpipe on the dyno! This full throttle with camera right at the tailpipe so this massively exaggerates the volume but gives you good feel for the character and tone at full throttle. You are hearing ALL THREE of the following here: RoadsterSport Max Power Header, plus the RoadsterSport Midpipe and RoadsterSport SuperQ Muffler. The midpipe and muffler obviously not included with the header, sold separate on this site. Fits both RHD and LHD, manual and automatic.

Now take a ride in our ND with RoadsterSport Max Power Header, RoadsterSport Midpipe and RoadsterSport SuperQ Muffler (Header Version)!

Now details on our header and why you want it. For the FIRST TIME Mazda went with 4-2-1 factory header layout to make that fat midrange that makes the ND so quick. Many magazines get 0-60 in stock form at about 6 seconds flat, which is obviously not about the mere 155 hp that the factory rates this motor at the crank. We tested ND headers in both 4-1 layout as we have done in the past on NC generation, and 4-2-1 layout and quickly understood the factory thinking...this motor is about TORQUE, and this motor wants a 4-2-1 layout to maximize what this Skyactiv motor is designed to do.

Thus, first thing to know about the Skyactiv 2.0 motor is that a highflow 4-2-1 makes the midrange as beefy as you can get it.

Sadly, most folks only think HP and do not understand torque, but it is the really wide TORQUE curve of ND that makes it so quick compared to prior Miatas, and our humble opinion is that it is best to play to that strong point, give the ND skyactiv motor what it wants!

The results of going 4-2-1 are clear in the dyno results at bottom of this page, meaty torque start to finish (note results include Orange Virus Tune).

We strongly recommend the RoadsterSport SuperQ Header version muffler with this header because it was designed to handle the sound level of the header and our standard midpipe, most other mufflers will be too loud for most folks with this header change.

Our outlet is 2.5 inches. For best performance customers should match our header with our RoadsterSport midpipe and RoadsterSport SuperQ exhaust (special header version STRONGLY recommended) so they are running 2.5 inches of flow all the way...but our header will bolt in place of the factory header and connect perfectly to the factory midpipe (however doing that would mean an engine code unless you move second sensor after midpipe converter like our RoadsterSport midpipe provides plug and play).

Factory first O2 sensor is in the OEM header and stays in our header without use of extension cords. Factory second sensor in the midpipe should be moved after the factory midpipe converter to avoid an engine code (our RoadsterSport midpipe provides bung in that location for this reason). That second sensor reaches its new location without use of extension cords. Bottom line is full plug and play install...but we strongly suggest our Orange Virus or MotoEast Tune to get max torque results.

CARB NOTICE: Not CARB approved (and therefore legal in California for off road use only). Note that there are states in addition to California that now follow the California model and require CARB compliance, please check the rules of your state before ordering, in some states this setup is legal only for race cars and may never be used on public highway. Sorry, we will not ship these to residents of California.


INSTRUCTIONS....see our installation discussion in the Instructions Section. Complete factory service manual install page with torque specs is below. We assume most customers will do it right and install our RoadsterSport midpipe at the same time for best torque results and because it avoids engine codes with O2 locations before and after the midpipe converter that you can reach without use of extension cords. Header ships with bolts/nuts for connection to the midpipe, and a flat 2-bolt gasket to use at that connection. If you are having trouble getting that junction to seal, you can use again the factory ring gasket from the stock header in combination with the provided gasket. Stock gasket at the motor to header flange is stack of stainless plates, not crush gaskets, and can be used over and over without issue.

Dyno Graphs! First customer to use a Dynojet with this header was SCCA Nationals Competitor Ron Bauer and he reported results of 166hp at the wheels, up from 148hp at the wheels. That result compares well with our results of 168hp on a different brand of dyno, and all results reported everywhere for a shorty header, his chart below:

Chart below of our ND on third party dyno shows comparison with baseline stock run. Notice 168 horsepower and BIG TORQUE, 171 FtLb at the wheels. If unfamiliar with reading DYNO graphs what you need to look for is before and after of same car, on same dyno, because what you want to see is the TOTAL GAINS. As you can see in graph below, this ND generation Miata totally stock did 139 hp at the wheels and 136 ft/lbs torque as a baseline from the factory. This Miata was relatively new, likely base number would have come up some without any changes with more break-in time, our other ND Miata with more miles did baseline of 142hp at the wheels. The factory hp rating is at the crank but you spend some of that number getting through the transmission and down to the other end of the car where the rubber actually meets the road. With this RoadsterSport Header, our RoadsterSport Midpipe and SuperQ Muffler we obtained 25+ ft/lbs over most of the rpms range. Result is SUPER meaty midrange where you actually drive the car, making freeway passing just a flick of the pedal, pulling away from stoplights is noticeably stronger than stock. We have used the same for more than a decade. This is a third party dyno, we do not own it. We do not run the dyno, we do not run the car on the dyno. We deliver the car to the dyno and ask the operator to run consistent practices every time. All the units sold to date have been sold with the graph below in this product description, and we hit that number over and over after MANY HOURS of tune work in the car same day by Mat of Orange Virus Tuning. Some customers have not replicated our numbers using other software packages, other brands of dynos, cheaper and lower octane gas, etc. We suspect software being used by all Tuners for ND Miata is still in crude early development stage and it may take a year or more for others to routinely reproduce our numbers here (same thing happened with NC development and our first header for that car a decade ago).



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport MAX TORQUE Standard Length MX5 Miata Stainless Header

Ordered this header with the high flow mid pipe. After watching a couple YouTube videos, I decided to try installing the header myself. My skill level is so-so. I removed the factory manifold fairly easy. The header went in even easier. Taking my time probably three hours. The mid pipe was 30 minutes.
I already have the Roadster sport street twin tip axle back.

Well as I was advised, it's a little loud. Mainly on mid to full throttle. Idle and steady speed cruising is actually pretty tame, allowing conversation.

I have no check engine lights. It does seem to have gain a little mid to high RPM power increase.
I plan on finding a good dyno tuner soon.

Bottom line, great performance upgrade. Difficulty of installation is probably average skill level.

On my 2020 MX-5 RF GT I had previously installed last year the RoadsterSport SUPER-Q twin tip muffler and the MAGNAFLOW MaxMidpipe and decided to bite the bullet and install the RoadsterSport MAX TORQUE Standard Length MX5 Miata Stainless Header---BRIGHT SILVER CERAMIC FINISH Stainless Steel.

It does sound great and helps to make the car zoom along. Still a bit loud for my, or lets say my spouses, personal taste so I just picked up a couple Glass Packed Baffle Insert for TWIN TIP versions of SuperQ.

What was nice is that the "check engine" light hasn't come on and the car didn't need a tune to take care of it.

The sound only really comes on when you start the car at idle or punch it. Great mod addition!

I'll start this off by saying just by the header kit that comes with a header mid pipe and exhaust at one time it winds up being cheaper for the set. Make sure you get the kit that has the five inch mid pipe.

I purchased all three separately and once I got them all installed and my tuning done it feels like a different vehicle. I have the header mid pipe and exhaust from the super Q header kit and the difference in performance is amazing. I had a cheaper exhaust system that I made the mistake of mine and I had to pull it out to put this one in and I really am glad that I did.

I felt an immediate difference between the four in to one and the 4 into 2 into 1. It's a little more thrusty and put you back in your seat in the low end.

The sound is incredible. For sure if you're not going to do anything else do this. Get the header. The installation is simple and straightforward. When I pulled it out of the box all the welds were clean overall it is well-built. When you drop this in it automatically deletes the catalytic converters in the header. Immediate performance boost and change of sound.

I was contemplating getting a supercharger but after doing the full exhaust kit with the 5-inch midpipe. After doing my ecutek tuning and running on 93 octane I just don't feel like I need it anymore. The car is much faster snappier and quicker off the line with just what I've done so far.

Fantastic addition. If I were going to make only one mod, this would be it. Sound is great, super-easy install, and improved power band. I love this header - it absolutely wakes up the car. I added the OFT as well as sway bars and it's like a new vehicle. Fantastic support from Brian as well throughout.

Boy this and a tune really wakes up the car! However, my big complaint is that it gets VERY LOUD. I have the Roadster Sport Super Street exhaust, and with this header it gets incredibly raspy. Not Honda civic fart can bad, but getting there. Looking to see if the baffles will help, or I might just have to switch to their "quiet" exhaust. I am not a fan of that raspy noise, but if you are, boy this thing is a riot.
Ultimately, if you're after power, this and a tune is easily the best way to go without forced induction or a supercharger.

Brian is a genius! This header was everything I was waiting for and more! When I saw that the part was shipped, I immediately started working on the car to get ready for the header to go in as soon as it got into my hands. The removal of the OEM header wasn't a challenge at all, extra pair of hands would be beneficial. Removal was 3 bolts of shield and 5 bolts up top, and 2 bolts down low, of course the sensor can stay on until you get the part off. Installation was JUST AS EASY and took 5 minutes. Before I started the car, I made sure to rub the entire header with rubbing alcohol to receive the nice bronze look. With the tune, this baby just wants to go faster, harder and loves it. You cannot go wrong with this header, it does raise the sound level a bit, but who doesn't want more attention right? Happy driving!

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